The adrenal glands of domesticated animals are 75% smaller than in the wild. Listen, take the epipen, stick it into the ulta-defined quad you’ve been shaping for the past two years with 400lb weights on your Body-Solid Pro Select Leg Ext/Curl, and with the synthetic adrenaline seeping into your rock-hard veins—like ½ gram of good coke to the dome—chart a commodity with the body a.k.a. this is a 57,600 square foot painting of cost curves on bulk vinyl tarps from hijacked billboards. Make it into a function that positions the resulting line from the spew of a white, hot stream—latex paint pressured into a fire extinguisher. Repeat. Cut It Up. Sell it and its digital counterpart.


Vinyl fits like a second skin, only stronger, more durable, and hypersensitive to touch. It is the imprint of clay, only as 1s and 0s, digital supreme. It is leather 4.0, made from the final, most enduring drips of crude oil and the chlorine of table salt (when it rains, it pours). You entrust your credit cards to vinyl and by proxy experience—rolling and sensuous—to vinyl. Vinyl excels in high-risk situations. The proposed situation is high-risk.


You might ask: Why me? Why you?

Do you want me to work in a cafe saving my tips for two years and not facilitate these things, so you can cling to some romantic idea of sacrifice?
This is a scheme, but one that works for us. We can act in a way that is ethically consistent with the issues we respectively care about. We can work hard to support the right causes, as long as they work hard to support us.


Every place has a history. All land has a past. Harnessing geological time scales, the painting will become imbued with the land of its present, past, and future.
Accessorize your spirit.




$2,304 (vinyl)
$139 (fire extinguisher - 2.5 gallons)
$75 ($30/gallon paint * 2.5)
$?? Site Rental TKTK
$?? Transportation TKTK
$1,000 (assistant at $250/day for 4 days) 
Drone documentation (150/hr) … TKTK
$5,000 (artist’s fee)
How much each banner would be sold for
Profit margin

Donate money (?)


Once the proper site is determined, the tarps will be laid out, connected, then painted.


This is not a question of reality or veracity but one of worth.


Once produced, the resulting structured will then be disassembled into its original components to be stretched, hung, and exhibited in collaboration with [roulette wheel of A-List galleries]

Panels will both be hung on existing billboard structures and in exhibitions.

[scroll-over popups for “stretched”, “hung”, and “exhibited” (smartphone shows automatically)]


Transformed into the act of reading a past event. All painting has always been action painting.